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Aircraft Carrier Cribbage board

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Solid hardwood custom hand made 3 lane cribbage board. This an exact replica of a Nimitz Class Aircraft Carrier.

Submarine is 25" long and 10" tall

Can be made out of any of the woods listed. Walnut, is a dark grain smooth finish wood that is very elegant and the most popular option. Cherry is a smooth finishing hardwood option, It usually begins with a reddish tint which will get darker over time. Mahogany, is a hardwood with unique grain pattern, that once finished "shimmers". It's a very elegant and finishes well with a very smooth surface.

COIN INLAY: You can add a coin inlay to the Carrier. If you are ordering an item that includes an inlay for a challenge coin then you will need to send the coin to us so that we can design the inlay and verify that the coin will fit. If you send us a coin to make an inlay, the coin will be shipped back to you glued into the item. If you do not desire it to be glued into the item then please make that clear in the order. Since the coin will be glued into the item note which side of the coin you want facing up in your order.

1 warfare pin and 1 rank insignia are included in the price.

Comes with 9 colored pegs as well.

Any additional options will be negotiated, place any special requests in the comments of the order, or message us.